(Limited Edition) Game Of Thrones Got Giant’s Milk shirt

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Exclusive Interview with Alan Menken on ‘Tangled'”. Because it “is different from [a] classical work converted to musicals.” GAME OF THRONES GOT GIANT’S MILK T-SHIRT. With Cloudy Princess, Menken challenges himself to bring a new sound, far different from the musical style of film projects and songs influenced by previous Broadway musicals. Inspired by Rapunzel’s new motif, with “long hair and a desire for freedom”, Menken decided to choose the 1960s folk rock musical genre, namely talent and artistic style from Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell is the main inspiration. When it comes to composing songs for movies, Menken and Slater “have to find a suitable moment for the two main characters to sing.” With the specific case of “I See the Light”, Menken meticulously, “The song of the lantern.

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