(Limited Edition) Not Today Jesus Sticker

Link to buy: Not Today Jesus Sticker

Or buy at: Hatena

Thanos is one of Marvel’s biggest villains. No one has ever appeared or directly acted but the short segments of only a few seconds of this character are enough to arouse curiosity. NOT TODAY JESUS STICKER. Thanos was born on the planet Titan by the couple A’lars and Sui-san, the first descendants of the Eternal lineage on the planet. However, Thanos did not inherit the beautiful, elegant appearance of his parents due to his Deviant mutation gene, his complexion became dull, ludicrous and rude. Self-deprecating with his appearance, he lived in a lonely and quiet childhood, separate from his homeland community. Later, in his adult life, Thanos was obsessed with the image of death. To him the death is the most beautiful, the most sacred.

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