(Top Selling) Cow yeah I’ve got OCD old cranky and dangerous shirt

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The most precious treasure of Thor is the lightning hammer Mjollnir, when released will create thunder. But the hammer had a short handle, so Thor had to wear a pair of iron gloves to capture the hammer when it returned. In addition, he also has a belt that when brought in will double the power. COW YEAH I’VE GOT OCD OLD CRANKY AND DANGEROUS. Only Thor could duel with a giant without losing. The stories about Thor are primarily about him destroying the giants, but he also loves a giant named Jarnsaxa and has a son with this girl named Magni. Due to being the hybrid of Thor with the giant, this Magni was three days older than his father. Snorri Sturluson told a story in the prose Edda that when the giant of the giants Hrungnir came to Asgard to provoke, Thor was away, so the gods feared him and invited him to drink.

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